A Tribute to My Mother

Mother (n.): the most incredible woman & human being in the world; a girl's best friend & truly irreplaceable.

My mom & I have been like two peas in a pod since day one. Being an only child, I've always looked up to her not only as my mother, but also as a best friend - someone who always has my back and who always has my very best interest at heart. Whenever my dad said no, she would work her mom magic on him & I would get my way in the end. When I was younger, that meant weekly trips to Hollister & endless amounts spent on those perfectly ripped jeans - I used to think that was great love from my mother. I of course realize how childish of a thought that was and now understand the true, unconditional, unwavering & always present L.O.V.E she gives me every single day.

My mother gives me strength to push through boundaries that I never thought I could break. She encourages me to never stop chasing after my dreams even if my dreams may scare me. Whenever I'm at a low, she lifts me up & tells me everything's going to be okay. She's taught me the importance of honesty, compassion & faith. Through her, I've learned the importance of open communication in any relationship. She taught me to never judge a book by its cover and welcome all types of people into my life. She raised me to have respect & always treat others with grace (although that can be hard when living in NYC, but I do my best!). Growing up, I was always encouraged to be different because being unique was beautiful. I've never been short on love when I've seen success nor when I've been greeted by failure. She taught me the beauty in being humble and showed me how to cheer for others in their own success. Through thick & thing, she has traveled the ups and downs of my life with me. It has been by her example and motherhood that I am the person I am today. I wouldn't trade her for the world & I am so honored to call her my mother. 

Thank you today & all days, I love you!

XO, The Future Miss You