Lost & Never Found: Confessions of a Lose-a-holic

Hi, my name's Nicole & I lose things...like, a lot.

Oh how I wish I found my Lulu Lemon jacket that I left one morning in the gym or my Fossil watch that I swear must have walked out of my apartment on its own...but sadly I have to admit that those items are lonnngggg gone. Between hours spent in the office, fitting in gym time, grocery runs & finding time to cook, it's no secret that our minds begin to feel like they're on overdrive. So how do we fix it? The obvious solution is to slow down, but we know that's easier said than done.

Here are three healthy habits to help your mind stay focused & kick the forgetfulness the the curb-

APPS TO THE RESCUE. In a world where our smart phones are glued to our hands, why not use them to our advantage?! Set reminders for appointments with Apps like ICalendar or Notes to jot down important bits of information. I personally keep a locked note for all my important information - such as passwords or medical info!

GET TO WRITING. I am a huge fan of using to-do lists & having a set schedule for my day-to-day tasks. As silly as you may think mapping out your meals or gym sessions ahead of time may be - I will tell you it is a lifesaver for me! If a notepad/ bullet list isn't cutting it for you, consider getting an agenda! I'm obsessed with the weekly Simplified Planner & highly recommend it for anyone looking to get more organized!!

OOPS! I DID IT AGAIN. Mis-placed your keys...again? Forget to stop at the store for that one ingredient missing from the recipe for tonight's dinner? Take a moment, breathe & know you're not alone. It's SO easy to be hard on ourselves and let a stream of negative thoughts flood our brain. Instead, laugh at yourself with a Britney Spears moment. Reach out on social media & share your story - 'left my debit card at home in my jacket, anyone else in my boat today, if not I've got room!' Connecting our forgetfulness with moments we'll remember will actually help us remember in the future! Crazy right? But why not give it a try!

*Breaks out the Britney soundtrack & plans weekly schedule*

Happy remembering! 

XO, The Future Miss You

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