Regina George: Friendships After High School

*That's the ugliest f*ing skirt I've ever seen*

Because there's a little bit of Regina George in each & every one of us.

Regina gave us the confidence to rock army pants & flip flops, she made wearing pink on Wednesdays a thing, and most importantly, taught us the importance of the rules of feminism. Although she represented the evil character we love to hate, Regina and her posse highlighted the truth that we all strive to be accepted by an group of true friends.

Let's be reallllly real - making & keeping the best of friends can be challenging once you leave the hallways of high school & enter the real world. Life happens: we move cities, get 9-5 jobs & slowly lose the priority of keeping up with the girls. YES it happens to EVERYONE not JUST you! So don't feel like you're the only one in this situation. 

How to keep your BFFs a part of your day-to-day:

PICK UP THE PHONE. Yes, the devices we ALL have do more than like photos. Give your girl a call - check in, ask how she's doing & most importantly listen. Somewhere along the road we've turned conversations into being 'all about me'. Stop. Right. There. Give her the chance to fill you in on all the details of her life! Your time will come.

SNAIL MAIL. Call me old school but I LOVE receiving hand written notes from my best friends in the mail! Something so small means so, so much!

PLAN A GIRLS TRIP. I'm readddyyyy to PARTAYYY! Okay, so your girl's weekend doesn't have to be Vegas - it can be small & local - but wherever you decide to go, make it all about the girls. Sorry, no boys allowed. Setting aside time for just you + your BFFs is SO important. Laugh about that outfit you wore in middle school, reminisce over old photos & dish out all the gossip over a bottle of wine. And don't just settle for ONE big weekend - plan something every few months - even if it's as small as a brunch outing - do it!

New to a city, got a new job or just want to make new girl friends?

Tips on making new, genuine friendships:

EXCHANGE THE GOODS. Great, so you've met a potential friend (yay!) what? I know it can be intimidating & awkward, but every friendship starts somewhere! Exchange numbers or social media accounts to connect outside of the office or cycle studio.

IT'S A DATE. Plan something & meet up. Grab coffee, do drinks or get manicures! Get to know your new friend & let her get to know you! Once you've established things you have in common & shares interests, friendships blossom.

STAY IN TOUCH. You've got this awesome new friendship - don't let it fade. Just like any relationship in life, friendships require love, energy & time if they're going to work out. Because the grass is only greener if you water the s#$% out if it. So text, call, laugh, make inside jokes, make it a point to hangout, do yoga together, double date, introduce your peeps to her peeps & make this friendship last a lifetime!

That's SO fetch.

XO, The Future Miss You