Hump Day Motivation

Is it Friday yet?! 

Happy hump day! You've officially hit the mid-week slump. The glorious weekend is SO close, but still SO far away. Need a little motivation to get you through the rest of your week?

Here are five ways to make your hump day a great one!

PLAN SOMETHING FUN. I find that having something to look forward to like a lunch with friends or a workout class on Wednesdays makes my week feel so much shorter!

ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK. Okay, you don't have to wear pink every hump day BUT get creative & do something unique to your other week days.

GET AHEAD OF THE GAME. Wednesdays are GREAT because it's usually not the hit-the-bar night, nor is it the official start of the weekend. Use this to your advantage & get a few errands done ahead of time so you don't have to spend your precious Saturday & Sunday checking off your to-do list!

LET'S MAKE IT A DATE. Make today your standing date with someone. Whether it's your boo, your mom, grandparent or girlfriend in Austin, make this your weekly catch-up day! Give 'em a call, FaceTime or visit in person.

WHAT'S THE WEEKEND PLAN. You're two days away from not setting your alarm clock! *Breaks into happy dance* Time to start celebrating by planning your weekend adventures- browse local happenings, pick a brunch spot & start counting down the hours to the best days of the week!

XO, The Future Miss You

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