Lazy Sundays

*Puts on comfy clothes, curls up on the couch & sips hot cocoa*

Lazy Sundays are the best!

Next to boozy brunch, spending my Sunday snuggled next to my boyfriend & watching a movie is one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend. With longer & warmer days on the horizon, spending the day cooped up inside might not sound ideal & I'm totally with you! 

As BBQs & beach trips start to take over your weekend schedule, it's SO important to remember to pause & hit the reset button. Giving your body time to rest and rejuvenate for the new week ahead doesn't only benefit you, it benefits everyone around you!

Find ways to have your cake & eat it too.

Spend the day on the shore, catch a ball game or have a date night - somewhere in between find at least a half hour of no commitment time to focus on Y-O-U.

Need suggestions?

I love to light candles around the house, grab a book or find an article I've been wanting to read and 'zone out' of the real world for a little. Having purposeful moments for myself is like finding the pot of gold on the other end of the rainbow & I usually walk away feeling more relaxed and ready to continue my day.

Whether it's dedicating a full day, a few hours or taking a cat nap, find time to LOVE your body with giving it the rest it needs!

XO, The Future Miss You