You Had Me at ALOHA🍍

Oh Hawaii, not only were you beautiful in scenery & culture, but you were also oh so yummy!

Looking back at my time in Hawaii, not once did I ever experience a bad meal. Everything I ate was fresh, crisp & sweet - not to mention locally grown - because: that island life. 

Pictured above, I had the opportunity to visit Maui's Farmer's Market - needless to say, I was OBSESSED!

The prettiest of flowers, brightest colors of fruits & veggies, and the happiest local vendors selling their goods. It made me appreciate the simplicity of the food process - the beauty in buying not from large, over-priced corporations, but rather from the guy with a pineapple field down the road.

Not only does shopping locally @ markets typically save you some cash money, but chances are that your items are grown more ethically & are filled with less harmful pesticides. Aside from the health benefits, you're also supporting someone in your neighborhood!

In addition to shopping at the market, I had the chance to try the best Poke I've ever eaten!

One of the Maui locals we met while on our zip-lining adventure gave us the scoop on a local mom & pop shop that we couldn't leave the island without trying. He was not joking when he explained the owners catch fish daily, season it to perfection and place their creation over a bed of steamed rice. It. Was. Fabulous. Poke bowls pictured below!

Wednesday wellness: shop locally at markets and/ or eat at local restaurants! 

Hau'oli ai!

XO, The Future Miss You