Hello, March: Spring Refresh

*Stops & smells the fresh-blooms...in Whole Foods*

Okay, so welcoming Springtime in NYC isn't quite like welcoming the season in other parts of the country - but this Florida girl can dream! 

I LOVE Spring for so many reasons, my favorite being the symbolic end of cold & gloomy winter days and the fresh start of new beginnings! I personally take this opportunity to rid myself of bad habits, material goods or people that do not have a positive effect on my life. I also take this time to reflect on my personal goals for the year & take steps to ensure I'm heading in the best direction for success.

Spring Refresh Checklist:

POSITIVE VIBES ONLY. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive souls who support you & everything you do. #negativitynotwelcomed

FRESH FEELS. If you haven't worn that blouse or those wedges within the last year, as Elsa would say: let it go, let it go! There's no better time to clean out your closet & donate your past favorite pieces to local charities or churches. Plus, did someone say shopping? There's no greater feeling than helping someone + treating yourself for a job well done.

RECHARGE MIND + BODY. Disconnect and refresh. Yoga & bubble baths, yes please. 

SOMETHING NEW. Whatever that 'something' is, step out of your comfort zone and live. 

Here's to you Spring! May you bring bright days & even brighter memories.

XO, The Future Miss You