Telling your loved ones you love them, never gets old.

Recently, my family went through the loss of an amazing sister, mother & friend - my Aunt Theresa. No matter the circumstance, losing a loved one is never easy. Each day that passes is another aching reminder that shes’s no longer with us and the feeling of a void that will never be filled. Going through this experience truly gave me a new perspective on life & how I interact with the ones I love. That said, I wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve learned in hopes it will help you cope with loss or spark a change in outlook on your own life!

The small stuff doesn’t matter.

This may come as a silly mention, but it’s SO necessary to reiterate. We all have busy lives. No matter if your week is packed with homework, meetings, or kid play dates, the fact is NONE OF IT MATTERS. Of course to a certain extent it does, but looking at the BIG PICTURE, our lives are measured in L.O.V.E. The love we give to others & the love we receive - how much love do you give to those who mean the most to you? If the answer is not enough, start showing more today with a text, a call or even a visit. Hugs & kisses welcomed.

The things you think are BIG things, usually aren’t.

Fact: I was devastated that I wasn’t proposed to in Hawaii back in March. I couldn’t comprehend how my boyfriend of 8+ years could take me on this amazingly romantic vacation and not ask me. I like to call this bubble thinking - aka, the world revolves around me syndrome. In reality, my Aunt had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in late February & my family was dealing with the realization of what this meant. Stepping back and looking at this past year, I now understand that it was all in God’s plan. He knew this special moment of my life could not be celebrated when my family was grieving horrible news. Although it would have been great to have her see my engagement, I have bittersweet peace that I received her approval of my ‘hopeful’ one-day fiance before her passing, and that alone means the world to me.

God’s timing, not ours.

Every single day is a B.E.A.U.TIFUL gift from God - never, ever forget that. It’s SO hard to remember that every day could be our last once we’re in set in our daily routines. It’s also hard to not question God and his reasoning for having horrible things happen to those we love. It was so hard to hear about my Aunt’s declining health week after week. When we think of death, too often we think of our elders passing after long-lived lives. This wasn’t the case with my mom’s younger sister. She had so much more life to live and yet, He took her. When I think of this pain, I try to instead focus on all the beautiful moments she had left with her family. An unexpected pregnancy made her grandmother of a rambunctious little boy, who soon became her whole world. I can’t help but think He too knew exactly what He was doing in bringing this unexpected joy into her life. There’s always a reason, His reason, and I thank Him for giving me grace to understand that.

Here’s to living today & each day to its fullest, loving loved ones to no end, and cherishing precious time together.

XO, The Future Miss You