You're Never Fully Dressed Without a SMILE.

Nothing you wear is more important than your smile - Connie Stevens.

I'm a HUGE believer that you're never fully dressed without a smile. It's my favorite accessory to wear not only because it’s the universal symbol of happiness & kindness, but also because you never know whose day you're going to make by giving one :)

I take pride in showing off my pearly whites and want to keep them looking as bright as possible, but after working my day job, fitting in gym time, cooking dinner + putting in a couple of blogging hours, I'm beyond exhausted to add anything to my to-do list...especially being stuck in the bathroom doing anything dental related.

My easy as pie solution: SimleBrilliant.

I cannot believe how much SmileBrilliant has changed my smile & my life! I’ll admit I was skeptical about how well the whitening system would work on the already white teeth I thought I had - boy was I wrong! After my very first session, I saw a drastic difference in my smile. Even Richie (who usually never notices changes) made a comment about how white my teeth looked!

How it works:

YOU’VE GOT MAIL. SmileBrilliant sends you an at-home, step-by-step process that includes whitening gel, desensitizing gel, and all the materials needed to complete your impressions for your personalized molds! Set aside 10 minutes & take your impressions. Place your molds inside the already provided envelope & drop in the mail - the lab will be expecting your package & in about a week or so, you’ll have your custom-fitted whitening trays in-hand!

TIME FOR THE MAGIC. Once you’ve received your trays, it’s time to start whitening! This is the FUN part - whitening duration is dependent on personal goals & preference. 45 minutes to 3 hours is the recommended time frame, with the lower end being your starting point and working your way up to the latter. Psst, I know that sounds like a realllllly long time, but I promise, time flies when you’re doing anything you want since you’re not stuck in the bathroom!

LISTEN TO YOUR SMILE & YOUR GUMS. Rinse, brush your teeth as normal, and remember to use your desensitizing gel immediately after whitening :) This is SUCH an important step - your in the process of changing something that’s been one way for years - the desensitizing gel is created specifically to help soothe any sensitivity you may have from the whitening. After 15-20 minutes of using with the trays, remove your trays & leave the remaining gel on!

I’m brilliantly obsessed with the SmileBrilliant whitening system - how could you not be when it’s that simple?!

What works for me:

I love whitening after dinnertime because it gives me that sweet time to relax on the couch next to my guy, catch up on the blog or reading time, and I love leaving the desensitizing gel on overnight. 45 minutes to an hour & a half worked out to be the perfect amount of time to brighten my smile. One of my favorite parts about the system is the fact that you get to whiten on your own time - no schedule to keep to. So if you’re not in the mood to whiten or only want to use the system right before special occasions, you absolutely could!

Want to try it for yourself? I’ve partnered with SmileBrilliant to give one lucky reader a chance to win their very own whitening kit + go through the entire whitening process for F.R.E.E!

Sound brilliant? How to enter:

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Cheesing big about this giveaway & wish all who enter the best of luck!

XO, The Future Miss You

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