Perception vs. Reality: How to Focus on the REAL Reel

WOW. Her life looks perfect.

We’ve all been there - judging, comparing & envying others based off of their perfect-looking Instagram feed. Social media has changed from being a tool to communicate with family and friends, to being a platform that promotes the ‘highlight reel’. The more our photos emphasize a flawless and glamorous lifestyle, the more amazing our lives must be, right?


I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admit that I’m guilty of all of the above. It’s SO hard not to compare, to not be envious, to not feel like my life is great without having a beautiful looking feed - especially as a blogger. But the truth is friends, THAT’S. NOT. REAL. LIFE. While it might be for some, most of us, including myself, post the ‘best of the best’ online. The moments captured that show us in our best, the happiest, the prettiest, the skinniest, the most popular. What you’re not seeing is the real reel. The moments of hardship, the makeup-less days on the couch, the moments of stress, or anxiety from social events, the raw emotions we all experience as humans.

Those moments are what life’s all about.

Although I don’t see the trend of highlighting the best version of ourselves online changing anytime soon, I do think there’s a ‘gotcha’ movement on the rise. People don’t want to follow and obsess over fake anymore - they want the real reel. The spontaneous moments of a surprise birthday party, the ugly cry during your proposal, the snapshot of you and your grandpa who’s in a retirement home. That’s the good stuff, friends. Realize it, embrace it, and know that no one’s life is perfect.

Here’s to living perfectly imperfect lives, always.

XO, Nicole

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