6 Things They Don’t Tell You About Wedding Planning

Ah wedding planning - one of the most exciting, but also stressful times of you & your future to-be’s lives!

Next to the absolute highs of saying yes, setting a date, & finding a dress, there will be a few obstacles to overcome before your big day.

THINK ABOUT SETTING A DATE. Think is the key word here friends. I couldn’t count how many people actually asked if we had set a date within hours of our engagement. Dear current & future fiancés, please know that no, you did not miss a memo that says you must know this information immediately. It takes serious consideration and time to set THE date that will be yours forever. Take your time. Just be realistic of your time frame when planning.

DON’T FORGET THE ‘WE’ IN WEDDING. I very quickly realized how much goes into planning a wedding. Tons of time spent researching, budgeting & tons of people telling you what they’d like for your wedding. Hold up. This is YOU + YOUR FIANCE’S wedding. Write it down, repeat it, & cherish it. Regardless of who’s paying for what and who’s second cousin invited so and so to their wedding, at the end of the day, all decisions should be left to the bride and groom to make for their special day.

KNOW YOUR “B” WORD. No matter how close you are with your family or in-laws, it’s never easy to talk about money - especially when you’re preparing to spend a whole lot of it! Getting all the figures + contributors out on the table is so important for a less stressful planning period. The sooner you know your budget, the more realistic you can be when pricing venues. Know it & do your best to STICK to IT!

REALITY CHECK. Have a glamorous vision of what you would like your wedding day may look like? Don’t forget all those gorgeous details come with a price tag! Never assume you’re going to get your dream wedding - things can get ugly real fast. Draw up a list of non-negotiables that you’d like to spend the extra time or money on and share that with whomever is chipping in on the bill.

YOUR FRIENDS ARE FREAKING OUT. The initial excitement shared between you & your closest girls is SO special and not asking them immediately to be an official member of your bride squad will be reallllly hard! Keep in mind as excited as they might be for you, the reality that they’re going to have to commit to a year full of festivities & money spent is a BIG ask. Try to give your besties as much time as possible to prepare!

LET THINGS FALL INTO PLACE. Fact: I had a bridal appointment at Kleinfeld’s confirmed a month before I popped into a local boutique in Jax with my parents. I happened to fall in love with a gown & said yes without my future mother-in-law in tow & felt awful. At the end of the day, you can’t control when things fall into place unexpectedly and your loved ones will understand.

Wishing you the absolute best of luck and peace of mind on your planning journey! Have more questions about the planning process or my journey? I’m ALWAYS here for you! Reach out to me directly or leave a comment below!

XO, Nicole