Gratitude (n.) - thankful beyond limit.

How often does this word cross your mind? BE HONEST!

Spoiler alert: the answer is probably not too often. If you take a step back & look at your life from a different perspective, the reality is that we all have SO MANY beautiful reasons to be grateful every single day! EVERY day on this planet is a gift. I try to wake up each day with a grateful heart - full of all the things in that fill my world with joy.

So what are YOU grateful for?

Take time out of your day to actively think about & appreciate all the good you have in your life. Want to take it a step further? At the end of each day, write down 3 things you’re thankful for that day. Situations may not be ideal, no one's life is perfect, BUT there is always beauty within the daily struggles. Pause. Breathe. & be thankful beyond limit.

With a grateful heart-

XO, The Future Miss You

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