Why I went for The BLOB

THE BLOB: a blunt-bob hairstyle; very IN right now.

Recently, you may have noticed that I'm rockin' a shorter, blunter cut than usual - because why not! It's a style I LOVE on fashion icons Louise Roe and Lauren Conrad, not to mention it's PERFECT for summertime - so I went for it!

I've been receiving a LOT of questions about how I style my hair & keep it looking like a BLOB instead of a fluffy a poodle. Here's to answering all your questions :)

SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. I'm a huge fan of Lush's BIG and Veganese combo! BIG's salty-fresh formula gives my hair tons of volume and the smoothness of Veganese is a great compliment to replenish and repair damage.

PRE-STYLE. Bee, please! Bumble & bumble products are my favorite!! The must-haves: Repair + All Style. Both work in different ways and are equally important for styling. First, I use a dime to a quarter size dab of Repair and work it through the ends of my hair, then I use the same amount of All Style, but work it into my roots. The long-last formulas in both products keep hair looking clean and fresh for extended wear. Every girls dream!

BLOW IT OUT. Nothing too special here, BUT I do section off my hair and use a small wooden round brush. Air for thought!

STYLE IT. To achieve an effortless, beach-like wave, I use a styling wand. I prefer a wand over a curler because I always end up with unwanted creases from the lovely clamp. I find that the best way to get a true wave is by using the wand in opposite directions -one section inward, one section outward- every other curl.

THE FINISHING TOUCH. Time to sparkle - spray a touch of B&B's Thickening Dryspun Finish and your good to go!

SHOUTOUT to my two AMAZING stylist in NYC! Color by Cassandra + cut and style tips by Jason @ BB 54th Street - give them a call if you're in town for a great experience!

Girl, your hair is GORGEOUS!

XO, The Future Miss You

Hair 1
Hair 2