I'll Always Be Your Little Girl

Father (n.): a strong & loving human that does everything in his power to put a smile on others' faces; a girl's first love, her rock, best friend & number one fan.

A bond between a girl & her dad is like no other.

Dads are the greatest for SO many reasons. They're there to pick you up when you fall down. They run by your side as you learn to ride a bike and won't let go of the handles until you say that 'you're ready'! Dads are a girl's first protector & never let the boggy man scare you out of your bed. They come to every soccer, basketball, cheer & swim competition you've ever had and congratulate your amazing effort- even if you came in dead last. As an only child, I cherish my relationship with my father & know no person, amount of time, or distance will ever come in between us. He is my dad, he is the greatest & I have so much to thank him for.

My dad's always been my number one fan. I've been on many loosing teams and I was never the most athletic child, but my dad never let that stop him from showing up to every game or competition & cheering for me like I had won a gold medal. He taught me that I could be and do anything in the world - to never give up when I meet failure & to be humble when I am greeted with success. My dad gave me the confidence to try new things and realize that being unique makes me special. He taught me the game of baseball as it was a love of his growing up and although I never played, I picked up a love of going to games with him every season. Every single day he tells me how much he loves me & I know that unconditional LOVE by everything in his being. No matter the situation, my dad always goes above and beyond to make me the happiest girl in the world. Although we live miles apart, his calls, texts, & surprise messages make me feel like he's right around the corner. Through his example, I've learned the importance of having a strong work ethic & know how to push myself to hit any goal I set. He's taught me important life skills like budgeting (even though I may not listen all the time) and paying bills on time. My dad has given me a strong sense of pride in my Puerto Rican culture and made sure I knew my family's background, language & yummy recipes. Most importantly, he's taught me that family is everything in life and making memories to last a lifetime is priceless. I will forever cherish all the memories we've made together, from Disney trips, Marlin games & daddy-daughter dances.

I am so happy to call him my dad & no matter my age, I will always be his little girl.

Thank you today & all days, I love you!

XO, The Future Miss You