Finding Joy in the Little Things

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll realize they were BIG things.

As those of you who are close to us already know, Richie is leaving the U.S of A for the entire month of November! *Insert nervous-laughing emoji* Of course I’m looking forward to some quality M-E time, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to be a little lost for those four weeks alone. Thankfully, I’ve got some travel plans and a really exciting visit from my cousin on the horizon to keep me busy.

As I soak up these last few weekends with him, I wanted to chat about the little moments that often get overlooked, but add up to mean SO much.

You know those moments I’m talking about. Those small, in-between moments that act as pauses in the big movie of your life. Yup, those sweet, sweet moments. I like to think of these as the ‘this is perfect’ moments. Maybe you take a lunch break & share a joyful phone call with your parents. Maybe you’re a new mom and your sweet new baby giggles for the first time. Maybe you’ve been dating for a while & still discover new things you love about your SO. Or maybe, it’s pulling over on the side of the road & sipping on hot chocolate with your best friend.

So often in our busy, fast-past lives, the ‘what’s next’ way of thinking holds us back from acknowledging how beautiful these little moments truly are.


Every single day.

XO, The Future Miss You