Engagements, Weddings & Babies - Oh My!

When it seems like everyone besides you is either getting engaged, married or having babies.

STOP. Take a moment & breathe. Slowly.

It seems like every time I check my SM accounts, another friend is flaunting a shiny new ring, announcing their wedding date or sharing a pregnancy announcement. I'm not not happy for you -  I just envy you, in that moment, very, very much.

Let's be real - we all hope to one day meet the man of our dreams & be proposed to in the most fantastic way. I can't tell you how many nights I've dreamed of walking down the aisle & seeing my soon-to-be hubby waiting at the altar. Not to mention the most perfectly compiled list of 'baby names' I add to every time I hear a new adorable name. 

The fact is that everyone's timeline is uniquely their own. No two people have the same love story or travel down the same road when trying to have a little bundle of joy. 

That's the true beauty of life: everyone is different & that's an amazing thing! I mean if you take a step back, would you really want to get engaged just because your friend did? It goes back to that old 'would you jump off a bridge just because I did?' saying. No-of course not! So why should it be any different when encompassing on some of life's greatest experiences!

Enjoy & cherish each season of your life when you're in it. Because one day you'll look back and laugh at your past self forever wishing you were planning the wedding of the century. Have faith that your future seasons will be well worth the wait!

XO, The Future Miss You