Drink the 🌈

I LOVE juicing for many reasons - my favorite being that it's an easy way to incorporate fruits & vegetables into my busy life. We've all made that vow to eat salads for lunch & dinner. Who are we kidding here?! Salads eveeerrrryyy day??? After a good 3 days of eating a big bowl of green, I've pretty much got the local pizza shop on speed dial. 

*Disclaimer* I'm not a dietitian, nor do I have a medical degree, but I do know how my body reacts to certain foods! It's not rocket science to know that there's a direct connection between what we eat and how we feel.

There's been a LOT of hype in recent years about all the benefits juicing can offer. I'll be honest - when I first heard of juicing, I thought 'gross, no way'. Why would I enjoy drinking all the foods I'm actively choosing not to eat. That's when a light bulb went off - I realized (and admitted) that I wasn't giving my body the nutrition it was desperately in need of. I am not going to tell you that you should drop everything & run to the store to buy a bunch of juices. I also don't believe juice cleanses are the answer to lose weight - although the side effects of juicing may lead to a leaner physique. 

What I will offer is a list of all the benefits I've noticed after adding in a variety of juices into my diet. Enjoying a glass of greens has become a nutritional way of life for me & at the very least, I hope you'll give it a try! 

CLEAR, GLOWING SKIN. Bye, bye blemishes! Put down the over-the-counter acne cream and reach for a glass of cold-pressed juice instead. Skin tends to act up after periods of indulging in overly-processed foods. The body was not meant to thrive on packaged foods made in factories. Unbalanced skin is your body's way of screaming for help - listen and nutritionally resolve it. Juicing whole fruits & vegetables squeezes all the benefits of all the ingredients into one, perfect combination. Hello, vitamins! By incorporating a variety of leafy greens or citruses, vitamins that may not be regularly ingested are working magic in your body -- hello beautiful skin!

ENERGY. Hear me out. I'm not saying throw out the cup-o-Joe in the AM, but I will admit that drinking an orange, carrot & turmeric juice will wake me up and keep me alert for hours!

BALANCED BODY. By adding fruits & veggies into your diet, your system will start to naturally cleanse itself by ridding your body of toxins. You're also boosting your immune system (you go girl!) and making your body a strong, fighting machine. Personally, I've noticed fewer headaches, little-to-no bloating & a way more regular digestive system.

*A few of my favorite NYC juice bars: Pressed Juicery, Juice Generation, Juice Press

*Other favorites: The Power of Juice - Middletown, Rhode Island & Watts Juicery - Jacksonville, Florida

P.S. Need a delivery? ALL the above shops located in NYC can be found on Seamless or offer their own delivery system! If you're a busy bee, take advantage!   

Cheers to all the green, orange, yellow and red-filled glasses in your future! 

XO, The Future Miss You