How to Adjust to Living With Your SO❤️

YAY! We're roomies :)

Moving in with your significant other can be SO exciting, but also SO scary. It's a huge step in any relationship to start living together and there's going to be a lot of adjustment. Whether you've just got the keys to your brand new apartment or you're thinking about taking your relationship to the next level, here's a list of things you should know!

COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE. This is a whole new world you're creating together & chances are you're not going to agree on evvveerrrryyyy little thing. Do you absolutely need to have the spoons in that spot or can you compromise to putting them in a different drawer so you can hang that really cute Kate Spade hand towel? I think the answer is obvious. Pick your battles where they matter most and that's probably not the utensil placement.

BE CONSIDERATE OF EACH OTHER. Are you guilty of being a shower signer, a dirty dish collector, or a clothe hoarder? I'll admit, I am the worst at keeping my closet clean & contained in one space. Sunday it may be immaculate, but by Wednesday, half of my life is on the floor of my closet and slowly creeping into our bedroom. BUT I know this irks Richie to no end, SO I do my absolute best to keep it tidy. Be considerate that your space is also their space. Keep things clean, stored away, and everyone will be happy!

ALONE TIME. Up until this point, you might have spent as much time as possible with each other - which was amazing when you both had your own places to call home. Now, you're sharing a home & that means there's less time spent where you're not together. Make it a point to have alone time every week. Go for a walk alone, spend a half an hour reading, or lay by the pool. Give yourself the opportunity to be individuals and your relationship will benefit in so many ways!

HAVE AN OPEN MIND. It's true that opposites attract & with that comes polar opposite taste in everything. Have an open mind to trying new things including meals, chore patterns, decor & furniture placement. You can let him think he really wants that lamp next to the couch, but once he realizes it's too bright at night time, he'll want to move it to the place you originally suggested. Trust me :) PLUS, you never know what new memories, experiences, and recommendations you might actually like!

I hope this list helps you in some way! Cheers to this new stage of life!

PS. if you ever have specific questions or want to have girl talk on living together - I'm always a text, call or email away!!

XO, The Future Miss You