Five Ways to be Prepared for Your Future Engagement

A note of advice to the girl waiting to be asked, from the girl who was waiting to be asked.

It’s no secret that I had A LOT of time to think about what my engagement would look like. I imagined what every detail of the ring would look like, right down to the look on Richie’s face when he would eventually asked me. What I never thought about was the rush of adrenaline, excitement, and pure emotion that floods your mind and body immediately after the proposal.

For this reason, I’m sharing five ways to help you be as prepared as possible for that very special moment in your life!

CREATE A LIST OF MUST TELLS. Sounds a bit obvious that you’d want to share the news of your engagement with the world as soon as you’ve said YES, but calling your aunt and uncle might not be at the top of your mind. Having a note saved on your phone with a list of people that you know you’re going to want to share your special news with first helped me a million times over.

MANICURES ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND. Whether you’re a firm believer that painted nails make or break your ring selfie, I always did my best to have a fresh mani for the weekends - especially when Richie & I were heading out of town. What I wouldn’t recommend is stressing out if you’re unable to hit the nail salon or paint them at home. If they’re not painted, then so be it! It’s your gorgeous new bling everyone wants to see anyway - not your painted or unpainted nails :)

KNOW YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN. I knew I wanted to enjoy being engaged for a few hours ‘offline’ before I shared our engagement publicly. My advice is to hold your exciting news close to your heart for a little before posting it to Instagram. Prepare for that exciting post before hitting share by having a caption & hashtag saved in your notes.

EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION. A friendly reminder that everyone might not be jumping for joy to hear you’re engaged & that’s OK! Maybe they’re waiting for their own engagement that’s long overdue or maybe it’s an ex who isn’t quite over the past. Respect their opinions, but don’t let them rain on your parade.

FINALLY, REMEMBER TO ENJOY THIS MOMENT. Getting engaged is a once in a lifetime experience! Enjoy every single minute.

To all my future brides to be -

XO, The Future Miss You